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It should be mentioned you can see me petrify the tank in both videos! Don't do that! This fight took way longer than it should have, but in the end we came together and pulled it off on the 3rd attempt of this nights raid. Excellent job everyone, and a big thanks to everyone who came in to help with our progression along the way whenever we needed fillers!

My PoV (SMN)

Fii's PoV (PLD)

Snow Fii you need to take in the superior bunny for your stream! ...
Heroic "Did we just kill this boss? Wtf?!" Grats!

Turn 6 Kill Video !

Last Light posted Apr 7, 14
NOS dropping Rafflesia, SCH perspective from Nostalgia's own Heroic Spirit.

Last Light Thanks Snow. Serious Grats!
Snow I got you LL, fixed title! Also, grats again dudes! ...
Nizi For clarification, Miki was tanking, the POV is Heroic Spirit's ...

Coil Turn 6 Down!

Snow posted Mar 31, 14

5 Nostalgia members teamed up with 3 of our good buddies from Grand Design Sunday night to clear T6! We initially went in not expecting any sort of kill, but just to practice for the benefit of both our FC's and a last ditch effort to clear before reset. However, we ended up getting a kill after just over 3 hours! 

Huge thanks to Zeak, Lina, and Woona from Grand Design who came along with us. We used a very...interesting strategy that takes massive amounts of dps. The end result was a kill with the 2 tanks doing the last 0.5% of the bosses health on their own, since the rest of us died to the pseudo-enrage mechanic. They were rewarded however! Both pieces of loot were tank pieces - the helmet and boots. Up next in the list is T7 - Look forward to it soon!


Snow I don't think anyone recorded, but we followed a pretty simple strategy. - Boss in mid from 100-40%, always facing Nort ...
Rinchan Nau Gratz! Happen to have a video? Could be beneficial myself and others. ...

Less than 48 hours after release, and we already have Leviathan and Moogle extreme down! We were 5th on the server to kill Leviathan, and we got server first on the much harder Moogle! A big thank you to everyone who was there for the kills, and everyone who helped throughout the hours. Amazing job everyone! Up next in the list.... Coil 6-9!

Aside from progression, people have been working together hard to grind out those Atma's, Soldiery tokens, quests, and more! Crafters have been working hard towards all their new toys, and last but not least we have a garden! Don't forget to water it whenever you stop by!

Much Love,

It's been quite awhile since we've had any major news to report, but we are very much alive and recently just accomplished the AMAZING feat of earning a large house! With countless donations of gil, mats, items and the long hard work of primal sales, the FC came together to funnel all our funds into our new home. Excellent work to everyone!

2.2 Also is just around the corner! New primals, coil, quests, crafts, dungeons and more all await us, and you can bet Nostalgia will be hitting everything this patch throws at us with a passion!

I'd also like to take a moment to thank everyone for making this such a great place to be. We haven't been given much new stuff to play with for quite awhile, but that didn't stop Nostalgia from working hard as a group towards our goal of a large house before 2.2. Seeing everyone do what they could to help, and seeing the fantastic end result - I couldn't be happier and more proud of everyone here! I look forward to 2.2 with you all.


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