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MNK PoV Here.

This was amazing. This is by far the hardest fight this game has put out yet, for all roles. This group used to laugh at DPS checks, having cleared T9 for the first time with over a minute to spare. This fight however, we spent an entire night getting sub 5% attempts. We talked things over, crafted up some strength accessories for our Warrior, made a new strategy to let myself (Nin) sit on boss for P2, as well as more Foe Req. All that combined gave us a kill after just 1 hour worth of attempts (some embarrassing) on the following night.

Tanks play a huge role in this encounter as well - 1 mistake from them in the last phase is a potential wipe since they are responsible for taking Twisters off the DPS/Healers. The damage in this fight was also bad enough to make our PLD stack parry for the first time ever,

Healers had it the worst of all. They had to heal every mechanic which quite clearly is not tuned for the gear we were fighting it in. Almost every mechanic during the last phase would leave us sub 10% health. There actually was a pull a little before this kill where I got 1 shot from just damage while standing in a Sacred Soil. They've carried us through every fight thus far, and they continued to carry us once more.

All in all, this was a very challenging fight. It took us ~22 hours worth of progression to clear, and it was well worth it. I look forward to more fights like this one. Also, I love you guys.

With Coil out of the way, now we move on to the real end-game:

Emi Chan team plz
Zeak Go healers! Nutria and Woona are the best!!! I'm very lucky to be a part of this amazing team. ...
Ceremony NOS !

FFXIV: Turn 12 Cleared!

Snow posted Nov 13, 14
This comes a little late, but 9 days ago Turn 12 was conquered! All I have to say about this, is Bennu is the most terrifying thing ever. You better pray to the little guy if you value your characters well-being. Embedded in this post is a BRD PoV courtesy of Rinchan. If you wish to see a MNK PoV you can see that HERE - courtesy of Heroic.

Ceremony Love this guild. Over a year later with several leaders and organized teams in place we continue to carry out the most ...
Nostalgia and Chosen came together with the best of the best to down Ohmna at long last! Awesome work from everyone. It's been a long time coming. GA CLEARED!

Xep so happy we got it down gj us ...
Ceremony Sick!
Nizi Cat Yeeeee!!!! Grats guys!!!!!

FFXIV: Turn 11 Cleared!

Snow posted Oct 31, 14
Amazing work team with the kill of this boss. It took ~2 hours and 45 minutes to kill this boss from the first time we saw her. We went in today with a new strategy for the Tethers and ended up 3-shotting her. I think this is better than any of us expected, and once again, I am very proud of everyone! This fight is arguably massively easier than T10, with a stricter DPS check depending on your composition of classes.

Kill video, courtesy of Rinchan: (It should be noted I sucked very hard sub 55%, and Rinchan said he messed CD's up near the end, so DPS check isn't too too bad if everyone plays optimally)

Clotho Lifespinner Damn you guys are killin it! Nice work!

FFXIV: T10 Cleared!

Snow posted Oct 29, 14
After a short 6 hours, this boss died the same day it released! A collaboration group of people logged in when servers went live in the middle of the night to learn the fight. We stopped 5 hours in at 6% to take the information back to our raid groups. 1 hour later of progression that evening, and the boss was dead! Huge thanks to everyone involved with the server up progression, and a big NICE JOB! This whole strategy was formed by us, we went in blind. I'm extremely proud of that since this is the first time we've had the opportunity to do so, and it payed off with great results. 

Here's the kill video, courtesy of Rinchan.

Clotho Lifespinner Grats guys!
Disrupter Rockstars! z(^_^)b
Kemira Lanarelle Gogo team C! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ