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Many attempts in and after a lot of hard work we pulled it together and took Phagetech Prototypes down! Great work to everyone.

Xep wish you were there tbh val only cuz i <3 u
Valerant Val was afk for they could down the boss.
Nizi Cat woooo grats guys!!!
After a number of attempts we at long last pulled through and downed Kuralak! Good work team!

Rummie Can we do our next picture naked?
Silent We had to put Ashal in time-out with the Bots and Love that I was able to catch the Action shot of Puppy LoL ...
We put a lot of work into X89 and got him down on 7/30! Great work from the Wildstar Nostalgia team!

Ceremony Strong work as always
Valerant Grats team ...
Silent Much Rekt'ness went down during this attempt >:] LoL Great work everyone!

FFXIV - Turn 9 down!

Snow posted Jul 15, 14
After a strong push by Nostalgia's FFXIV branch, Team RaTBuM walked away with a Turn 9 kill! Excellent work dudes! Here's a video of the kill from Nizi's (Nizi Cat) POV.

Ceremony <NOS!!!!>
Silent Grats guys and gals!! Go Nos!
We're pushing farther into the attunement process and now have Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden cleared! We had a heartbreaking clear that was 20 seconds too long for silver but managed to get it with two minutes to spare on 7/2.

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