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FFXIV: Turn 11 Cleared!

Snow posted 5 hours ago
Amazing work team with the kill of this boss. It took ~2 hours and 45 minutes to kill this boss from the first time we saw her. We went in today with a new strategy for the Tethers and ended up 3-shotting her. I think this is better than any of us expected, and once again, I am very proud of everyone! This fight is arguably massively easier than T10, with a stricter DPS check depending on your composition of classes.

Kill video, courtesy of Rinchan: (It should be noted I sucked very hard sub 55%, and Rinchan said he messed CD's up near the end, so DPS check isn't too too bad if everyone plays optimally)

Zeak ♥ Poison-chan, please continue to carry us.
Snow This is very true.
Woona carried by poison pots

FFXIV: T10 Cleared!

Snow posted Wed at 2:08
After a short 6 hours, this boss died the same day it released! A collaboration group of people logged in when servers went live in the middle of the night to learn the fight. We stopped 5 hours in at 6% to take the information back to our raid groups. 1 hour later of progression that evening, and the boss was dead! Huge thanks to everyone involved with the server up progression, and a big NICE JOB! This whole strategy was formed by us, we went in blind. I'm extremely proud of that since this is the first time we've had the opportunity to do so, and it payed off with great results. 

Here's the kill video, courtesy of Rinchan.

Clotho Lifespinner Grats guys!
Disrupter Rockstars! z(^_^)b
Kemira Lanarelle Gogo team C! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
Nostalgia stepped it up a notch and after putting in a late night this fight didn't take long. Our entire team is awesome! Now onto the final boss of Genetic Archives!

Valerant i voted for a dig0z screenshot for front page
Elthic 1 more boss to go guys we can do it!!!
The post is a little late but we got Phage Maw down last week. It didn't take us much time and we've already made great progress on Convergence!

Valerant Clotho put up the new kill screenshot
Suna After wiping about 5 times because of me. Thanks guys!
Many attempts in and after a lot of hard work we pulled it together and took Phagetech Prototypes down! Great work to everyone.

Xep wish you were there tbh val only cuz i <3 u
Valerant Val was afk for they could down the boss.
Nizi Cat woooo grats guys!!!
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